I.D.E.E. Imaginez la Durabilité Ecosocial Ensemble

I.D.E.E. Art Expo’ will offer an imaginative and artistic perspective on the multidimensional facets of the ecological crisis.


I.D.E.E. Imaginez la Durabilité Ecosocial Ensemble

I.D.E.E. Art Expo’ will offer an imaginative and artistic perspective on the multidimensional facets of the ecological crisis.

I.D.E.E. – concept of the project

The inspiring conceptual framework is the UN Agenda 2030: a United Nations blueprint, signed in 2015, which calls for a global partnership to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions of our planet, according to the principles of sustainability, equality, and justice.

Concept: IDEE is an itinerant creative and educational journey that illustrates, with visual artworks, the challenges of the climate crisis, through the 17 objectives of sustainable development, and a broader reflection on the contemporary ecological and social crisis-

Target audience: (i) Pupils from different schools; (ii) Young people from the involved Communes involved (i.e. Maison des Jeunes and other youth centers);

Partners: (i) 17 artists joining the project; (ii) Coolture asbl; Art’shock clown asbl; Youth4Planet; Caritas Plaidon Responsible; Climate Commission and Citizen Maison Commune of Mamer; Eurostat; EU Climate Pact Ambassador; Sustainability Officer of University of Luxembourg (here).

Output: (i) I.D.E.E. Exhibition, made of 17 artworks illustrating the 17 SDGs; (ii) A virtual IDEE Expo’, made of narrative and scientific contents; (iii) Students artworks (iv) art and scientific workshops.

The I.D.E.E. Exhibition will be touring from school to school, developing a pedagogical journey.

I.D.E.E. main activities and outputs

A1. I.D.E.E. Exhibition

  • I.D.E.E. Exhibition, realized by artists in Luxembourg;
  • Each artist illustrates an SDG of the Agenda 2030, following the IDEE regulations;
  • I.D.E.E. Virtual Expo’ – made of narrative and scientific contents – will be connected to the physical Expo’ through QR codes;
  • The artworks will be translated in final aluminium panels (to be exposed outside).

A2. I.D.E.E. will be exhibited in schools and public spaces

  • I.D.E.E. started its journey in October 2023;
  • Artists are invited to explain their works at the opening of the Exhibitions and/or through video-telling;

  • Artworks by students will be gradually included while they are ready and students will be invited to the public and school events to present their work (see below – Table 2).

SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT: 3 possible levels, not mutually exclusive

B1. Hosting the Expo’

  • Schools are invited to host the Expo for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • The Exhibition will be opened by an introduction to I.D.E.E. both as art exhibition and educational toolkit, made of narrative-storytelling-video-telling inspired to the book “Agenda 2030 – We can change the world” written by Rossella kohler, teacher and geographer.
B2. Participating in the art production

  • Students and art teachers join I.D.E.E. producing artworks dedicated to one of the SDGs.
  • I.D.E.E. artists will share video-telling explaining their work and/or are available to come in person.
  • Arts from students will become part of the Exhibition.
  • Students will be invited to participate and present their artwork.
B3. Participating in workshops with Gaialux on Agenda 2030

  • Introduction to the Agenda 2030.
  • Scientific workshops, conferences, and art workshops.
Time Event Event Event Event
June-July 2023 Launch and dissemination of IDEE in partner schools and municipalities

Vernissage in Mamer Park, crowfunding  




21 September 2023 Foyer Européenne : Avant Première Expo’    



September – November 2023 Lycée Lucius – art productions 5 classes on different SDGs      
November 2023

Geesseknäppchen Forum Merl – Exhibition


Focus on SDG 5 target 2 “End Gender Violence”    

December January


Lycée Schuman – Exhibition








Climate COnference    


January 2024 Maison des Jeunes- Ateliers each Wednesday from 17h00 to 19h00 with I.D.E.E. Artists / EEL2 – illustration of 5 Stories of Rossella St. George – Illustration of 1 Story of Rossella Lycée d’Arts et Metiérs – Exhibition
February 2024 CPE EEL1 – Atelier d’art and SDGs











March 2024 Lycée LUCIUS – Exhibition      
April 2024 EEL 2 – Exhibition during the Sustainable Week ISL – Exhibition during the Sustainable SummitValue 9    
May 2024 Digitalization      
June 2024 Art in the Park – TbC 28 – 30June Transition Days: Exhibition    
July – September 2024 Art Ateliers at Mesa      
September 2024 Value 13 FInal event University of Luxembourg Column 4 Value 13 Column 5 Value 13
October 2024 Eurostat Column 3 Value 14 Column 4 Value 14 Column 5 Value 14
November 2024 Gesseknappchen Column 3 Value 15 Column 4 Value 15 Column 5 Value 15
December 24 – January 2025 EEL1 Column 3 Value 16 Column 4 Value 16 Column 5 Value 16
Column 1 Value 17 Column 2 Value 17 Column 3 Value 17 Column 4 Value 17 Column 5 Value 17
Column 1 Value 18 Column 2 Value 18 Column 3 Value 18 Column 4 Value 18 Column 5 Value 18