Callisto Genco, Industrial engineer
Elisabetta Lano, Pedagogist
Edoardo Pizzoli, Economist
Tiziana Tamborrini, Social economist


GaiaLux contributes to the Ecological Transition in Luxembourg by promoting educational resources, engaging students and citizens on the critical issues of climate change, and supporting grassroots initiatives, for a more inclusive, equal, and “green” society.

GaiaLux aims to build awareness and to develop community actions in order to advance with the Ecological Transition Agenda, with a particular focus on Luxembourg and the Grand Region.

Our conceptual framework is the Agenda 2030, which keeps together the three pillars of social, economic and ecological sustainability.

The main objective is to develop educational resources, facilitate dialogue and communication, and promote outreaching activities on the topics of sustainability for students, school staff, teachers, citizens, institutions, and public and private companies, in order to foster a cultural change towards an equal, inclusive and “green” society.

GaiaLux adopts the vision of a unique interconnected family, which requires us to challenge our traditional scientific and cultural mindset and to use an interdisciplinary methodology.

At its core, we envision a profound overhaul of the way we relate to nature and other human beings, as part of a single Oikos that must be preserved for future generations and must create equal opportunities and good quality of life for everyone.



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