The Expo’ will offer an imaginative and artistic perspective on the multidimensional facets of the ecological crisis. The inspiring conceptual framework is the UN Agenda 2030: a United Nations blueprint, signed in 2015, which calls for a global partnership to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions of our planet, according to the principles of sustainability, equality, and inclusiveness.

Expo’ “Imaginez la durabilité”: regulations

  • Artists joining the Expo’ choose one of the SDGs (sustainable development goals – please see our website or any other UN official website for the SDGs. At the moment  the SDGs covered are the following 1 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 16);
  • Artworks will be reproduced on panels (for exterior), reproduced in high-quality resolution and with the support of a graphist;
  • Artists will allow Gaialux the right to expose the artwork during special expositions – while still belonging to the artist –  and to reproduce the artwork on panels;
  • Artists will be following their style and creativity, with the requirement of:
    • Respecting the following proportion in order to reproduce the artwork on the panel approx. 75 x 100 (the size can be different but the proportion should be respected);
    • having a prevalence of the color of the chosen SDG.
  • Each panel will report on the panel frame:
    • Name of the artist;
    • Title and a short description of the SDG;
    • A QR code to be connected to some virtual content on Gaialux webpage;
    • A short paragraph by the artist to explain her/his inspiration
    • Sdg description, best practice in Luxembourg, stories poems.
  • Artists are encouraged to produce physical artwork:
    • this will allow to have the artwork proposed in the silent auction and/or sponsored to potential buyers. 
    • Some of the Institutions sponsoring the Expo’ have a preference to expose the Artwork if physical.
  • Gaialux will give maximum visibility to the artworks which will be promoted in a silent auction on the website and/or other marketing solutions (to be defined). This will be discussed later on with the artists:
    • a small percentage of the profit could go to finance the educational content of the project.
  • “Imaginez la Durabilitè” is supported by a network of schools:
    • Schools will host the Expo’ according to a calendar to be defined accordingly.
    • At the moment ISL, Lucius, EEL1, EEL2, St. George International, Lycée Schumann joined the network
    • More schools are invited to join;
    • Art teachers and students are invited to contribute with some artwork on a chosen goal.
    • Artists who are available to teach students would propose ateliers with students – this would be a paid service.

How to contribute to the Expo’ if you are

If you are a teacher or student:

The Expo’ can be hosted in your school and will allow you to draw students’ attention to the current debate on the climate crisis, and in particular on the 2030 Agenda, by focusing on the multidimensional facets of ecological transition. The language of art will play a key role in stimulating a critical and thoughtful approach to the current social and ecological issues, and it will offer an imaginative perspective on the different sustainable goals, and talk about creative and concrete experiences of change around the world and here in Luxembourg.

The expected outputs of the Expo are as follows

Art context

  • The first desired output is the activation of art contexts involving the schools, inspired by the Expo.
  • Students and art teachers are invited to contribute to the Expo’ (taking into account the regulations listed above) as follows:
    • Illustrating SDG4 (quality education) or SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities) or SDG15 (Life on earth, with reference to Luxembourg ecosystem and biodiversity), or SDG 13 (climate action);
    • the illustrations of the Expo (while displayed in school) and ateliers by the artists (if requested by the teachers) will play as activators of inspiration;
    • Students’ illustrations will enrich the Expo’, will be exhibited together with the other illustrations, and will be hosted on the Gaialux site.
    • Specific final events will be scheduled to present these artworks and receive special official recognition.

A second educational stage can be considered in case of interest from the school or in case of specific funds, offering more scientific workshops to present and discuss the SDGs with the team of Gaialux and with scientific and professional experts.

The Expo’ in its digital version on the website of will also allow to portray the best sustainable practices from the schools. This will help build awareness and synergies within the schools of Luxembourg in addition to facilitating engagement and active use of the Expo’ by the students.

If you are an institution or a citizen

  • The Expo’ could be hosted in your public spaces, offer the possibility to engage citizens in specific actions for sustainability, support public authorities with informative material, and create opportunities for discussion.
  • We imagine public events and cultural competitions on subjects related to the specific objectives of the 2030 Agenda where artists could come to explain their creative points of view and actors of good practices come to pitch their actions.
  • Vulnerable categories of citizens will be a priority for the Expo’ exhibition, such as elderly centers, foyers hosting people with disabilities, and refugees.

The artists of ‘ Imaginez la Durabilité’

Each artist will represent an SDG.

The Expo’ is kindly supported by Ben Carter

Pierluigi D’Alessio SDG 13

Gianmarco design: SDG 14 (6, 16, 13)

Ane Erezue – SDG 6 (7, 14)

Miriam R. Krüger: SDG 5

Donatella Massoli – For-Me design (Installation: Gaialux LOGO)

Elisabetta Mitrovic: SDGs 15 LIFE ON LAND;;

Olga Reiff: SDG 3

Simone Lazzaretti: SDG 2

Sonia Sion: SDG 1

Nicole Trigatti SDG 16

Portfolio GRAPIQUE on Behance

Anna Forlati

Raphael Gindt – to be confirmed

Thomas Isier – to be confirmed

Partners, Sponsors, Friends of the project

Caritas Foundation has kindly co-funded the project

The Expo’ is sponsored and supported by

The European Climate Pact initiative
‘Des Livres et des Ailes/Books and Wings’ for supporting this project through narrative and scientific contents
‘ProgettoIpazia’ supporting this project through narrative and scientific contents
Commission de l’Environnement et de l’Energie – Gemeng Mamer

The Expo’ will be exhibited in schools and public spaces. Please see our current partners