Educational resources

Educational resources

GAIALUX contributes to the Ecological Transition in Luxembourg by promoting educational resources, and engaging students and citizens on the critical issues of climate change. Our conceptual framework keeps together the three pillars of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

I.D.E.E. by Gaialux

I.D.E.E. Exhibition is a story of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations with the language of art

We need your help to realize our project I.D.E.E.

Inspire new visions and imagine new ways for humankind to be prosperous and fair

Co-Founded by

Imaginez la Durabilité Ecosocial Ensemble

An artist for each SDG


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I.D.E.E. is an art Expo’ to promote the UN 2030 Agenda

With the contribution of artists, grassroots associations, schools, and Institutions of Luxembourg. I.D.E.E. project is supported by Fondation Sommer, Ouvre, BIL Luxembourg, Caritas Plaidons Responsable.

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