I.D.E.E. Students’ Artworks

Many students joined in the I.D.E.E. journey with their creativity to represent the challenges of the climate crisis, through the 17 objectives of sustainable development (SDGs)  … (read more)

SDG 12 – “Waste Beast” – collective work by Class de cohabitation and Economics Class

SDG 5 “Equality” by Ana Coca

SDG 5 – “Empower” by Annaliese Gray

SDG 9 “Save the Planet” by Georgy Pogosyan

SDG 9 “Eco-friendly Growth” by Alexandre Devalkeneer

SDG 9 “Change the World” by João Albuquerque

SDG 12 “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” by Milo Craine

SDG 14 “Will we ever live sustainably?” by Augustus Voska

SDG 14 “Protection Not Destruction” by Kishor Senthilvel

SDG 14 “Stop Overfishing” by Sarah Liebsch Vicandi

SDG 14 “Protect” by Ziyao Wang

SDG 14 “Promote Peace” by Mariia Varava

SDG 16 “The World needs Peace” by Rebecca Sadati-Seyede

SDG 16 “Promote Peace and Justice” by Pilar Petrillo

SDG 16 “Peace and Justice” by Rebecca Sadati-Seyede