Art contributions from students would be the most logical output for the project I.D.E.E.

Novels’ illustration for each SDG 

Each SDG’s painting of the Expo’ has a virtual component with narratives and infographics. The novels are proposed and donated by a geographer Rossella Kohler of Progetto Ipazia, targeting  kids 8 – 13 years old.

The stories can be illustrated with the support of the artists of the project.

Rossella has kindly donated the stories and narratives of her book “Agenda 2030 – We can change the world” to the project I.D.E.E.

We are proud to share them outside of Italy and make of them a colorful version for the children in Luxembourg. Kids will be also invited to give voice to illustrated stories. The outcome will be an audiostory for an I.D.E.E. podcast that will enrich the pedagogical kit of the I.D.E.E. project. The novels are inspired by true stories of change of young activists from the globe. They will help to capture new young climate activists!

Gives color and light to your favorite SDG

Students can portrait one of the SDGs, individually, as a team, as a school class. Students fond of art are very welcome to join. Their artwork will become part of the Expo’ I.D.E.E. and have a public recognition. Since January on Wednesday at 17.00 they can benefit of an I.D.E.E. atelier organized in collaboration with the Maison des Jeunes of Mamer and they could receive support there from 2 artists of the project, Miriam K. Krüger and Florencia Denise Pujol.

Please see the regulations here.

Crochet and sew your artwork

A Crochet/sewing atelier is proposed to students’class or group with the support of ForMe:  The final art installation will remain to the school. Donatella and Ivana will coordinate it with the support.

If you are a teacher 

The Expo’ can be hosted in your school and will allow you to draw students’ attention to the current debate on the climate crisis, and in particular on the 2030 Agenda, by focusing on the multidimensional facets of ecological transition. The language of art will play a key role in stimulating a critical and thoughtful approach to the current social and ecological issues, and it will offer an imaginative perspective on the different sustainable goals, and talk about creative and concrete experiences of change around the world and here in Luxembourg.

If you are an institution

  • The Expo’ could be hosted in your public spaces, offer the possibility to engage citizens in specific actions for sustainability, support public authorities with informative material, and create opportunities for discussion.
  • We imagine public events and cultural competitions on subjects related to the specific objectives of the 2030 Agenda where artists could come to explain their creative points of view and actors of good practices come to pitch their actions.
  • Vulnerable categories of citizens will be a priority for the Expo’ exhibition, such as elderly centers, foyers hosting people with disabilities, and refugees.