IDEE – Expo’ regulations

Artists joining the Expo’ choose one of the SDGs (sustainable development goals – please see our website or any other UN official website for the SDGs. At the moment  the SDGs covered are the following 1 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 15 – 16);

Artworks will be reproduced on panels (for exterior), reproduced in high-quality resolution and with the support of a graphist;

Artists will allow Gaialux the right to expose the artwork during special expositions – while still belonging to the artist –  and to reproduce the artwork on panels;

Artists will be following their style and creativity, with the requirement of:

  • Respecting the following proportion in order to reproduce the artwork on the panel approx. 75 x 100 (the size can be different but the proportion should be respected);
  • having a prevalence of the color of the chosen SDG.

Each panel will report on the panel frame:

  • Name of the artist;
  • Title and a short description of the SDG;
  • A QR code to be connected to some virtual content on Gaialux webpage;
  • A short paragraph by the artist to explain her/his inspiration
  • Sdg description, best practice in Luxembourg, stories poems.

Artists are encouraged to produce physical artwork:

  • this will allow to have the artwork proposed in the silent auction and/or sponsored to potential buyers. 
  • Some of the Institutions sponsoring the Expo’ have a preference to expose the Artwork if physical.

Gaialux will give maximum visibility to the artworks which will be promoted in a silent auction on the website and/or other marketing solutions (to be defined). This will be discussed later on with the artists:

  • a small percentage of the profit could go to finance the educational content of the project.

“Imaginez la Durabilitè” is supported by a network of schools:

  • Schools will host the Expo’ according to a calendar to be defined accordingly.
  • At the moment ISL, International School Gaston Thorne, Lucius, EEL1, EEL2, St. George International, Lycée Schumann joined the network
  • More schools are invited to join;
  • Art teachers and students are invited to contribute with some artwork on a chosen goal.
  • Artists who are available to teach students would propose ateliers with students – this would be a paid service.